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ATCL Vibha 2013

ATCL Vibha 2013 is scheduled to start on Feb 23rd 2013. Format: Twenty20 Start date: 02/23/2013 Registration Deadline: 02/10/2013 Fee: 225/team

Finals (Shockers vs AMD Friday Boys) AMD Friday Boys won by 4 wickets

Shockers won the toss and elected to bat first Shockers 101/10 in 19.4 overs AMD Friday Boys 104/6 in 18 overs




8:00 (Local)

AMD Friday Boys Vs Shockers

AMD Friday Boys won by 3 wickets

8:00 (Local)

Rangers XI Vs Shockers

Shockers won by 17 runs

Most Runs 191
Purushothman Boopathy Ethirajan

Most Wickets 13
Ganesh Sivaraman
(Rangers XI)

Most Sixes 9
Amin Momin
(Rangers XI)

Tournament Features

Click on the rules link at the bottom of the page to read the complete rules governing this tournament! Email: Facebook: Twitter: Contact: Purush (269) 615-8059



About Tournament

Austin Taped ball Cricket League (ATCL) is a non-profit organization which was formed with the vision to promote taped ball cricket in Austin. This league was formed with the support of several cricket enthusiast. As this is the starting point, the main focus of this tournament is to bring several cricketers playing the league together, share and discuss their thoughts and promote these kind of events in future.